Baked lobster recipe

Baked lobster recipe

Baked lobster recipe, baked lobster is probably the best way to cook your lobsters. 

In addition, it is a very simple recipe to make: lobsters are seasoned and simply grilled in the oven! Opt for a European lobster because the qualities of its flesh and texture are significantly superior to those of an American lobster.

Indeed, it does not take long to recognize a European lobster from an American lobster, yet cooked in the same way. 

The second is mainly sold frozen or frozen on supermarket shelves, at a price that is certainly more affordable than European lobster, but with a much lower taste quality.

Baked lobster recipe

Recipe Grilled Lobster in the Oven Cream Sauce 

Ingredients baked lobster recipe


To make the lobster recipe in a dish, you will need the following ingredients:
  1. 1 Breton lobster about 600 g
  2. 50 g butter:
  3. 3 shallots
  4. 100 ml of wine
  5. 3 bay leaves
  6. 2 branches of thyme
  7. 200ml whole liquid fresh cream
  8. 12 sprigs of chiseled fresh chives
  9. Two tablespoons of chiseled dill leaves
  10. Salt
  11. Pepper

Instructions for preparing the baked lobster recipe

  • Preheat the oven to th 200°C.
  • Peel and chisel the shallots.
  • Place them in a saucepan with the wine, thyme, butter, bay leaf, pepper and salt.
  • Let blonde covered for about 5 minutes then add the cream and bring to a boil.
  • Let it infuse.
  • Separate the head from lobster tails.
  • Cut it in half lengthwise.
  • Arrange the 2 halves of lobster upwards in a gratin dish, and bake for 10 min.
  • Strain the cream by crushing the shallots against the walls of the Chinese or sieve.
  • Add the chopped herbs (dill and chives) to the cream.
  • Take the dish out of the oven after 10 minutes of cooking and drizzle the lobsters with this sauce.
  • Return to the oven for 7 min.
  • Serve immediately.

Tips to master the cooking of your lobsters


Gently lift the flesh with a crustacean curette: if it comes by itself, it’s all good. 

On the other hand, if it remains hooked, continue a little more the cooking of your lobsters by lowering the temperature.

Warning: an overcooked lobster loses its flavor and a sticky lobster repels more than one!

A sauce to accompany your lobster recipe?


Lobster lovers often prefer them with a simple nut of butter.

Lobster is accompanied by a special grilled lobster sauce, lemon butter or even a port sauce. 

Which side vegetables for your grilled lobster?


Grilled lobster goes very well: 
  • From a little rice cooked in water,
  • From a simple slice of buttered bread,
  • Sautéed potatoes.

What drink to serve with your grilled lobster?

  • A Pinot Gris,
  • Sylvaner
  • White Gaillac,
  • Still or sparkling water.

How to make lobster?


Whether you’re considering boiling your lobster or steaming it, there’s a lot to learn about it.

Whether it’s understanding why we cook it alive or making sure you have the right tools at your fingertips, we can help you in all of these areas.


Because the proper preparation of lobster is crucial for food safety, check out our lobster cooking guide for an overview of cooking times, tips for working with live lobsters, and how to remove the flesh.

Once you’ve mastered these cooking techniques, you’ll be ready to prepare this meal and others that use lobster.

Alternatively, if you’re lucky enough to find already cooked lobster meat in your supermarket, you can skip the laborious steps althought and use thawed meat instead.

How to grill a frozen lobster?


Frozen lobster can be a good choice, especially in the low season or in remote coastal areas. 

Super simple to cook, just rinse it to remove the ice. 

Then prepare a short broth in a large saucepan. Bring to a boil. 

When the water boils, dip the frozen lobster in it. cook the lobster for ten minutes after boiling. 

Immerse it in ice water and then drain it. 

Consume it hot with a sauce or let it cool to consume it cold (a lemon sauce or mayonnaise).

How to prepare lobster already cooked?

Low in fat, lobster meat is rich in omega 3, zinc, protein, and phosphorus. 

After selecting a live lobster, simply poach it in boiling water to cut in half or consume whole to grill it in the oven, barbecue or pan.


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